Entrepreneur.com: How the Communicator’s Dilemma Made a ‘Slack-lash’ Inevitable

The hits keep coming, and this time it’s from Entrepreneur.com contributor Mike Trigg. The Slacklash train is quite a bit longer than when this blog first started and there has a been a bit more sober reflection on whether Slack is actually helping productivity.  Trigg asks if it may just be Silicon Valley’s time to turn on last year’s darling, or maybe there’s something deeper

As a messaging service, Slack is excellent with great features like channels that, in theory, should make people more productive. But because Slack can be used to communicate about anything, it’s hard for users to intuitively grasp how to employ it most effectively. As a result, channels become overloaded leading to a torrent of notifications and messages that users can’t keep up with.

How the Communicator’s Dilemma Made a ‘Slack-lash’ Inevitable – Via Entrepreneur.com

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