Agilebits: Curing Our Slack Addiction

The creators of 1Password weighing in on why Slack doesn’t work for them.  What it boiled down to for them is control.  Managing Slack for them became a job on it’s own, a job that was pulling their team away from the real work they ought to be doing.

The reality is we could make Slack work for us but it would require constant policing. I simply don’t want to be that bad cop, and I don’t want to hire a police force either. Furthermore, Slack was not designed for the deep, meaningful conversations that are needed to move 1Password forward.

So we made the incredibly hard decision to break up with Slack. We’ll always be grateful to Slack for all the fond memories and I suspect our paths will cross again someday, but for now we need to be apart so we can remember why we fell in love to begin with.

Curing our Slack Addiction – Via AgileBits